About Us

Image result for ron jamesFloating Bedz is one of the most accurate companies in offering tax depreciation services. Tax depreciation report is created after analysing the value of the assets and according to their usage. All types of assets are considered while calculating the tax depreciation report. The tangible and intangible assets are calculated while generating the tax depreciation report. The tangible assets such as plant and machinery, Land, property, machines, manpower, cash of the business etc. are taken into account. For Non tangible assets, goodwill, trademark, patents, copyrights etc are taken in to consideration.

The process is carried out by the experts who have many years of industry experience. We always work in favour of our clients and get them the best return of their depreciations.

We have some of the most reliable, accurate and experienced quantity surveyors in entire Australia. Our surveyors get you the entire profit out of the depreciation report, guarantying you the maximum outcome of the depreciated values and as well from all the assets. The report we present is very precise and we are very affordable in the services we offer. Get in touch with us today to avail the best services by best quantity surveyors at the most affordable rates possible.