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Where benefit is suspended, the legislation puts time limits on how long the local authority can keep it suspended without making a further determination. Nothing contained in the Verification Framework is intended to imply that local authorities should, in any way, contravene these time limits. It is a general principle of the legislation, and the law in general, that when seeking evidence or interpreting information. Simply put, this means the local authority cannot ask a claimant to provide evidence or information that he cannot reasonably obtain. or be expected to obtain. For example, the local authority cannot insist that a claimant provide wage slips for a non dependant. Nothing in the Verification Framework should be taken to imply that this general rule of reasonableness should be overlooked.

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The local authority is required to determine whether a claimant is entitled to benefit in virtually every case where it has received a claim form. Local authorities involved in the ONE pilots should be aware that special rules apply to cases where a claimant fails to attend. Asylum seekers targeted selected to pass through Oakington will be those who have relatively simple cases. Those deemed genuine will be given help to integrate into UK society. view more: E Conveyancing Melbourne

Those whose claims are declined will be returned to their native countries. Asylum seekers will spend about seven days at the centre whilst the case is considered. On-site legal advice has been promised. This circular outlines the changes from 3 April 2000 and provides guidance on transitional arrangements for existing and continuing. HBCTB claimants, and procedures for refugees or asylum seekers who are awarded exceptional leave to enter or exceptional.

If asylum is granted NASS will continue to provide full support for a 14 day grace period. ome asylum seekers who would otherwise be treated as persons from abroad (PFA) for other. social security benefits have access to HB CTB via a loophole in the HB CTB regulations. This permits people with temporary admission to the UK who can also satisfy the habitual residence test continued access to HB or CTB. Department of Social Security (DSS) research shows that authorities that have implemented the Verification Framework, have slower HB assessment times than others. In particular, pre award checks seem to slow down the process. The DSS acknowledge that there is a trade off between verification and the processing time. Not every control process generates slower times. Authorities who accuracy rates, ON , overpayments and response times have better than average times.