How to make the easy flow for the property transaction process?

TPAS has argued that mergers and group structures should only proceed if tenants have voted in a secret ballot and have supported the proposal. This is what determines a stock transfer proposal. A Ballot is, of course, an expensive process and the costs would be met from tenants rent – so if there are acceptable relations between the tenants and tenants feel the process has been open and honest, it may be that tenant support is clearly evidenced. In these circumstances a Ballot may not be necessary It could be argued that without the right to a ballot, tenants may not receive access to the information, negotiation in process – where this is likely to be the case, tenants will want to pursue having a legal right.

Merger and Group discussions are fraught – staff feel the uncertainty about their jobs, Board Members are keen to ensure that they are meeting their responsibilities – but must “trust” the other party to an extent. Tenants feel that they have no power in this situation – it will happen whether they property conveyancing solicitor  want it to or not. With so much going on in housing today tenants are at the front line when it comes to negotiating with people such as landlords, developers and funders. It would be fantastic if we could always get exactly what we want, but in reality this does not always happen.

This course is about how you can get a lot of what you want, the best possible deal. It will help you to develop your negotiation skills and looks at the techniques you can use to help you get your point across. Besides being useful in situations where you are negotiating with your landlord such as setting rents and funding. Negotiation is about two sides attempting to reach a mutually agreeable position on a particular issue. Negotiating with your landlord on rent means that you and the landlord are trying to seek a rent that gives both ‘sides’ what they want. If agreement is reached then both sides in a negotiation are jointly responsible for the decision In practice, especially for local authority and Housing Association housing, rent setting is a BALANCE between the needs of tenants to have a rent they can afford, and the needs of Landlords to have sufficient income to fund their activities.