What are the main possible areas in which more focused is required?

As a charity the Vale Housing Association would be committed to helping those who cannot afford to buy or rent in the open market. Work on the responses to our recent tenant survey shows that this covers the vast majority of our existing residents. The rights of tenants to transfer would continue and the savings would allow more new homes to be built, together with continuing improvements in services. The reasons for these changes will be discussed at the July meetings of the tenants forums (details page A new Child Trust Fund has been set up specially designed for Housing Association tenants. This fund is for families with young children to invest the money that the government is giving them to save for their child’s future.

There are lots of Child Trust Funds around for you to invest your child’s money in. However Access Matrix and the Homeowners Friendly Society have teamed up to offer a Trust Fund specifically designed for housing association tenants. You can add to the trust fund with a minimum payment of £5, to increase the money you are saving for your child. At this sad time there are so many things to think of. However, to avoid causing you any unnecessary additional distress please do tell us about it so that we can keep the correct details about your household. If you have told your local District Council of the death, please do be aware that they do not pass on the information to us, the Housing Association.

Talks are underway to create a new alliance to make sure that low income households in Oxfordshire benefit from new homes planned for the County as house prices slip further out of reach. The Vale Housing Association and Sovereign Housing Group announced they are in discussion to create an alliance that will attract more government funding into Oxfordshire to address chronic waiting lists.

If approved, the enlarged Sovereign Housing Group will ensure that The Vale Housing Association can focus on providing front line services such as doing repairs or initiatives to carry out anti-social behaviour. Sovereign Housing Group would provide support behind the scenes, like working with funders and land owners to build more affordable homes. Vale Chief Executive Mike Roberts said: Although we’re only investigating possibilities at this stage, this seems a great opportunity to allow Vale to have the back-up of a larger organisation, freeing us up to put more focus onto better services and securing more new homes. For more info: Enact Conveyancing Sydney